Low back pain during pregnancy is one of the most common reasons why expectant mothers seek chiropractic care. Back pain can make it difficult to stay active during pregnancy. It also reduces sleep quality by making it impossible to get comfortable at night. Back pain often gets worse as a pregnancy progresses. What’s more, it can actually continue long past pregnancy. Many new mothers who didn’t receive treatment for back pain during pregnancy often find that the strain of carrying a new baby, pushing a stroller, getting a baby in and out of car seats, and bending down to place a baby in a crib can all cause back pain to intensify.

When to See a Prenatal Chiropractor

Many women today don’t wait until back pain strikes to see a chiropractor during pregnancy. Ordinary prenatal chiropractic care can be an amazing wellness tool that allows pregnant women to avoid aches and pains, improve digestion and have shorter labor times. However, seeking care becomes even more important if low back pain is creating tension and strain. In many cases, patients are able to experience relief right away. Getting help as soon as pain is noticed is important because this can help to prevent prolonged strain and injury. Pregnant women will often compensate for low back pain by shifting their weight when they sit, walk or move. This can create serious long-term injuries and shifts in alignment that can ultimately be very difficult to correct.

What Are the Signs of Low Back Pain in Pregnancy?

Low back pain can start at any time during pregnancy. It’s estimated that between 50 percent and 70 percent of pregnant women experience back pain. While many women have been led to believe that back pain is a “normal” part of pregnancy, the truth is that pain is always a sign that something is wrong. In fact, many women don’t even think to seek treatment for back pain because the myth of normalized back pain causing “pregnancy posture” is so pervasive. Here’s a look at the signs of low back pain during pregnancy:

  • Dull aching pain in the low back.
  • Burning pain in the low back.
  • Pain on either the right or left side of the low back.
  • Pain in the middle of the low back.

For some women, the pain only occurs after they’ve been on their feet for a while. Others may experience pain whenever they are sitting or sleeping. It’s also possible for low back pain to be unceasing. Chiropractic treatment is considered to be safe during pregnancy. In fact, it is viewed by many physicians as an important treatment option for pregnant women because it can be used as an alternative to pain medications that may not be ideal during pregnancy.

See a Prenatal Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Redmond Washington

The people who say that back pain is “just a part of pregnancy” actually believe a harmful myth that causes many women to simply deal with pain during pregnancy unnecessarily. Unfortunately, allowing back pain to go unaddressed in pregnancy can ultimately lead to lifelong back problems for new mothers. At Structural Chiropractic in Redmond Washington, we specialize in using the most advanced methods to treat pregnancy back pain. Dr. Tony Brooks can show you how prenatal chiropractic care can make pregnancy easier by addressing misalignments that are causing pain, strain and fatigue. For more information about prenatal chiropractic care, contact Structural Chiropractic or book your appointment.