You deserve the best prenatal chiropractor! That’s why it’s important to choose a chiropractor who views pregnancy as an exciting wellness journey full of opportunities to holistically prepare for delivery without unnecessary pain or discomfort. Many expectant mothers seek chiropractic care because they’ve heard that it can help them to stay active during pregnancy, reduce pain, relieve morning sickness, prevent breech births, and shorten delivery times. This is all true! In addition, seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy can set expectant mothers up for a pain-free, injury-free journey into new motherhood. How can you find the right prenatal chiropractor? Take a look at some qualities to have in mind as you search for the right fit.

Cutting-Edge Technology

When looking for the best prenatal chiropractor, you want a chiropractic office that’s at the forefront of using innovative diagnostic technology. The simple reason why is that chiropractors who are capable of identifying the source of pain and injury can provide direct, tailored treatments that produce a bigger impact in less time. With the right diagnostic tools, many of those “vague” or “mystery” pains that make pregnancy difficult can be detected and addressed right away.

A Holistic, Whole-Body Mindset

While many people associate prenatal chiropractic care with treatments for “back” pain, the truth is that care should go so much deeper. A chiropractor should be an asset for your health and well-being during your pregnancy journey. They should ideally look at you with a “holistic” lens that ties your comfort and health in with things like diet, posture, lifestyle habits and more. This connected view can help you to see how what happens in one part of the body during pregnancy can impact other parts of the body.

Training and Experience in Pregnancy Techniques

Not all chiropractors have experience with prenatal chiropractic techniques. Be sure to ask a chiropractor if they are trained in gentle, pregnancy-focused techniques. This often includes special training in the Webster method for reducing the chances of a breech delivery. In studies, the Webster technique has a success rate of 82 percent for resolving breech presentation.

A Focus on Helping You Live a Pain-Free Life Beyond Pregnancy

One of the benefits of prenatal chiropractic care is that it sets you up to enjoy new motherhood without pain and discomfort. The aches and pains associated with pregnancy don’t necessarily go away after delivery. What’s more, caring for a newborn can often create additional strain that exacerbates injuries that cropped up during pregnancy. Your chiropractor should be focused on helping you to build up strength and resiliency all throughout your pregnancy to ensure that you don’t step into motherhood primed for recurring, long-term injuries.

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