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We are conveniently located in downtown Redmond, WA. We take being a Redmond Chiropractor very seriously and always strive to deliver a service that is second to none.

Welcome to Structural Chiropractic

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One of only a handful of Structural Chiropractors in the United States, Dr. Eckroth received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University to Palmer College of Chiropractic. Wilhelm loves serving the community of Redmond and hopes to create a healthier community through education and the highest quality Structural Chiropractic care available.

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We feel your pain! It really bothered us that most doctors require that you schedule an exam before you ever get a chance to have a casual conversation with them. This is why we created our Complimentary Consultation, it is here where you get to learn about us and we get to learn about you and your condition. That is our commitment to our prospective patients

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Highest quality structural shift chiropractic care available

Our Unique Approach

There are only a handful of Chiropractors focusing on Structural Correction throughout the world. Acknowledging that we are different, we believe that it is very important that you understand our approach and that we understand your condition so that you can make an educated decision whether or not to join us.


We will create a customized Structural Correction plan that will take you from where you are now to where you need to be so that you can improve your quality of life...

Car Accident Care

Dr. Eckroth has a passion and expertise in treating people who suffer whiplash. He takes great pride in getting patients back to pre-accident condition in as little time as possible...


We respect your time and your decision, whatever that may be. If and when you are ready to start improving your health with our care, we will be here!


Our practice has been built on referrals from traditional chiropractors and medical doctors in town. We are the only Structural Correction Chiropractor in Washington...

Your Health & Wellness Resource

Blogs from the Doctor

A Redmond community guide with insight from Dr. Eckroth regarding ways to improve your life through mindful eating, exercise and overall health. Browse recipes, lifestyle tips and advice on chiropractic care.

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We will always start with a complimentary consultation so that we can learn about your condition and so you can learn about our unique style of Structural Correction and how it can have a significant impact on your life and overall health.

We utilize state of the art AMA gold standard diagnostic equipment to detect and quantify changes in range of motion and muscle guarding/ spasm. Our dynamic sEMG technology gives you the best shot at a proper diagnosis, treatment plan, and resolution of your injuries.

The only Structural Chiropractor in the North West

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