The Best Poses for Standing Straight

If you have difficulty standing up straight, you may want to consider yoga for posture. Here you’ll discover the best yoga poses for improving posture.

Are you hunched over a computer all day at your desk job? Sitting in that position all day is detrimental to having good posture.

And having poor posture is bad for your overall health. It doesn’t just cause back pain. Experts say that it can cause headaches, affect your mood, and disrupt your sleep.

But it can be tough to fix your posture. It can feel like something you constantly have to think about and correct.

Yoga for posture can help. With continued practice, you’ll notice that sitting up straight will come more naturally to you.

If you’d like to try it out, check out these beginner yoga poses for improving posture.

Cobra or Sphinx Pose

Start by lying down, stomach to the floor. The tops of both feet should be touching the mat.

Take both palms and place them on the mat underneath your shoulders. Your arms should be close to your body with your elbows pointing towards your feet.

Now lift your upper body using your hands. Keep your feet touching the mat. For a full cobra pose, lift your upper body off the mat until your arms are extended.

Your hands still touch the mat. Now complete the pose by releasing your neck and lifting your chin towards the ceiling.

The sphinx pose is a minor variation if you don’t have that full range of motion.

Do everything the same as the cobra, except end the pose with your forearms and palms touching the mat. Your face looks forward instead of towards the ceiling.

In either pose, hold it for about 30 second to 2 minutes, breathing in and out.

Universal Spine Twist

Lie down with your back on the mat. Exhale, and bend your right knee. Twist your spine to the left and touch your right foot to your left knee.

Now extend your right arm out horizontally. Turn your face to look at your right hand. Bring your left hand up and place it on top of your right knee.

Hold this pose for however long feels comfortable. Breathe deeply in and out of your nose. Now do the universal spine twist on the other side.

Shoulder Opener

Kneel on the mat with your feet underneath you. Sit up straight.

Reach your left arm towards the ceiling. Bend the left elbow so your hand can touch your spine between your shoulders.

Take your right arm and point it toward the floor. Bend that elbow behind you. Let your right hand find your left hand.

Do your best to try and hold both hands together. This might take some practice.

At first you might not be able to get your hands to touch. Eventually, you’ll be able to grasp fingers. Get as far as you can then hold the pose, breathing deeply.

Repeat with the opposite arm. You might notice that one side is more flexible than the other.

Yoga for Posture Is Great for Spine Health

Have you been noticing back pain lately? Trying yoga for posture is a great first step towards relief.

Trying yoga for posture is a great first step towards relief.

It’s important to take care of your spine because it affects your whole body.

If you’d like to do more to improve your posture, come in for a consultation.