What is a structural shift of the spine?

Structural Corrective Chiropractic

Anyone who has experienced the pain from a disc herniation knows that the pain can go from zero to unbearable in an instant. It is not only unpleasant, but it can be easy to lose hope that your condition will improve.

Your body uses a very similar method to alert you when something is abnormal. Unfortunately we do not have a dashboard with lights to tell us what is wrong, but our body CAN tell us that something is wrong before it becomes absolutely catastrophic. The body will present with a multitude of symptoms to warn us something is abnormal and that we better correct the problem to avoid catastrophe. When a Structural Shift occurs in the spine, it commonly appears as a multitude of symptoms. These symptoms or what we call Secondary Conditions, alert you that there is something abnormal with your body. You can look at these secondary conditions as if they are the dashboard lights in your car. When something goes wrong with your car, do you just turn off the dashboard lights? We certainly hope not, and we absolutely would not want you to only correct the Secondary Conditions that you are currently suffering with. Hopefully you want to fix the problem that is causing the dash lights/ Secondary Conditions. That problem could be a Structural Shift of the spine. This is why at Structural Chiropractic we focus on correcting the primary Structural Shift because we know that secondary conditions are typically just like the dash lights in your car.

Disc Herniation Treatment

We address the structural issues of the spine in order to influence the central nervous system. The central nervous system controls all functions of the body, thus our care can have far reaching results.

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Massage Therapy

We address the structural issues of the spine in order to influence the central nervous system. The central nervous system controls all functions of the body, thus our care can have far reaching results.

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Maximum Medical Improvement

Protective Chiropractic Care

After all conditions are corrected or they have reached maximum medical improvement, we recommend far less frequent visits in order to protect the results you have achieved with your care. This protective care is variable depending on the need of the individual patient.

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We will create a customized Structural Correction plan that will take you from where you are now to where you need to be so that you can improve your quality of life. We will also show you how you can PROTECT your Structural Corrections for a lifetime with a healthy spine and nervous system.

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During our consultation we will go into detail about what will occur in a Structural Correction treatment plan, how we will integrate Structural Correction Exercises, and how a few complementary recommendations will help you restructure your spine so that you can be healthier than you were when you walked in our door. We will explain how a Structural Shift (if found) could be causing your condition and even how we will detect it during our Structural Correction Examination.

First thing we want to address is that we will never schedule you for an examination before first having gone through one of our complimentary consultations.  We do this as a courtesy to you so that we can learn about you and so that you can determine if we are the right solution for you. After a consultation, we will always be willing to go straight into a Structural Correction Examination if you are ready, or schedule an examination for a later date if you so desire.  It is your choice!

A Structural Correction Examination is a comprehensive exam that will take no less than 45 minutes to complete depending on the severity of your case.

Knowing all of your options are important…

While we will never claim to speak on the behalf of other professions or chiropractors, we will do our best to explain your options as it relates to your care.  Our goal is to teach you about your options so that you can make the best decision for YOU and YOUR health.

Not only will we explain our care plan, but we will explore how other chiropractors and other medical professionals could approach your unique case.  To us it is very important that you are aware of all of your options so that when you make your decision to start care (with whoever it may be) that you can confidently count on us to be an objective health and wellness resource.

We are always open to calls from you or family members about health related issues. Our goal is to be THE community resource for health and wellness.  It does not matter to us whether someone is under our care or not, but more importantly that they can rely on us as a resource. We are very good at what we do and we serve a lot of people, but we don’t have an ego and we are never too busy to help.

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