Recently I had to buy some new tires for my car. No big deal, just normal maintenance…right?

When I inspected my tires closer, I noticed that one of my tires was nearly bald on the outside like the picture below. I knew this was not good. How did this happen? Then it hit me, this is exactly what I work on every single day in the office. I correct Structural Shifts of the spine as to keep other parts of the body functioning properly. Exactly like fixing the alignment on my car to correct uneven wear of the tires.  It seemed almost too simple, yet it is the same basic concept and it is not hidden under skin, muscle, and fat like my spine is.

With that in mind, I immediately wanted to correct the CAUSE of my uneven wear of the tires.

 It was obvious to me that the problem was NOT my tires at all. I had an alignment problem that was being shown on my car as uneven wear of the tires. The uneven wear of the tires was the SECONDARY CONDITION, and not the primary cause of why I needed to buy new tires!  Thinking about this I knew that I could relate it back to health and how we take care of our body.  The easiest way I could think of to describe this is to talk about symptoms, most specifically pain. Pain is always a nuisance, thus the reason we always pay attention to it. Even though we all know that pain is never the cause, but only a signal or what Structural Chiropractors refer to as secondary conditions. Since pain is usually the most obvious secondary condition, I hear a lot about it. While I never want any of you to be hurting, you can now see that I am always looking for the cause and not the symptoms that you may or may not be expressing. My goal today was to give your the slightest bit of insight into how I view health and the human body.  Now that we know pain is analogous to uneven wear of the tires, should we only replace YOUR tires or should we find the cause?

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope that you have learned something from this short story today. As always, please email with questions or requests for topics to be covered. Have an outstanding week!