In the minds of most people, visits to chiropractors are usually reserved for people who are experiencing back, neck, joint, and or muscle pain. For the most part, that assessment is true. However, there are other viable reasons why people enlist the services of their local chiropractors.

The reality is chiropractors can employ a wide range of adjustment and massage techniques to address an equally wide range of physical and mental issues. That’s a very good thing because chiropractic care is quite often a lot less intrusive than medical treatment options.

As you contemplate your own health issues, you would be well-advised to seriously consider seeing a licensed and professional chiropractor. If you need additional motivation to do so, take a look at these five (5) top reasons people often give for loving to visit their chiropractor.

1. Get Rid of Unwanted Pain and Discomfort

We’ll start with the primary reason most people choose to visit chiropractors. There is no quality of life if you have to constantly battle pain and discomfort. Doing that will adversely affect your mobility, desire to eat and exercise, ability to sleep, and or willingness to participate in enjoyable activities.

Think about it. Your back is out of alignment, causing pinched nerve pain in your back and legs. Are you going to be willing to take your kids to the local zoo or amusement park? How likely is it that you will be able to get a good night of sleep? Will you be able to concentrate at work when the simplest movements cause you pain? Chronic pain issues always interfere with a person’s ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

When faced with having to deal with chronic pain issues, pain sufferers love any option that will help relieve their pain issues. They look forward to going in for adjustments and or massage treatments that they know are specifically designed to address what ails them. Best of all, chiropractic care often delivers the pain and discomfort relief people want and need.

2. Avoidance of Medical Interventions

There is no denying that some injuries and pain issues demand medical intervention. There are plenty of physical issues that can only be resolved through the care of a medical doctor. The most common types of medical intervention for injuries and pain include:

  • Prescription medications – opioids, pain blockers, sleeping medications, etc.
  • Epidural Injections – pain blockers, steroids, etc.
  • Physical therapy to strengthen areas of the body affected by pain
  • Surgery – worst case scenario where surgical repairs are needed

There is no desire here to bash medical interventions. When necessary, they are the right treatment options. However, medical interventions come with significant risks. For instance, long-term opioid use can lead to addiction. Epidural injections only offer temporary relief and can only be administered 2-3 times a year because of adverse health concerns. Finally, surgery often requires the use of anesthesia, which is always risky. Also, more than a few back surgeries have left patients in worse condition.

Once you look at the risks associated with medical interventions, you’ll likely understand the value of less intrusive options like chiropractic care. People love the idea of getting regular adjustments if it results in pain and injury relief without having to accept much risk.

3. Improve Mood and Mental Capacity

There is a mental component to body function. When the human body is out of sorts, it leads inflicted individuals to encounter mental and emotional issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. The reality is physical and mental health are tied much more closely together than you might realize.

Imagine for a moment you are experiencing neck and shoulder pain because your spine is out of alignment. After a few days or weeks of chiropractic adjustments, your pain diminishes. Do you believe it will affect your mood, attitude, and emotions? Of course, it will. You’ll feel better physically, which will almost immediately result in a change in your overall mood. That will probably result in you feeling less depression, anxiety, and stress because you’ll feel a sense of “body freedom.”

We would be remiss to not tell you that a good chiropractic massage technique could be a great way to help you relax, injured or not. If you are like most adults, you live a busy life with lots of responsibilities. Yep, that’s a formula for unwanted anxiety and stress. People love checking in with their chiropractors for the simple purpose of muscle tension relief, which serves to help improve their attitude and mental health.

4. Improve the Body’s Immune Response

It’s pretty easy to understand how the immune system works. Every day, your body is under attack from viruses and unhealthy bacteria. When the body is working properly, the circulatory system is producing plenty of red and white blood cells. Red and white blood cells represent the little soldiers that engage in battle with viruses and bacteria (the body’s enemy). These battles are more easily won if the body is producing enough of these little soldiers to overwhelm the enemy.

At this point, you might be wondering what role chiropractic care can play in helping your immune system work properly? That’s a terrific question and concern.

Interruptions in the circulatory system are often caused by injuries that drain the blood supply to promote healing. Also, spine and joint misalignments can also be blamed for interfering with the flow of blood. If the body isn’t distributing blood in the right amounts to the right areas, the immune system gets compromised.

More than a few people understand that chiropractic care will facilitate a better flow of healthy blood throughout the body by removing “circulatory logjams.” There is sufficient evidence to suggest that chiropractic care, even as a maintenance option, does improve the body’s immune response. People love long periods of not getting sick.

5. Keep the Body Functioning at Optimal Levels

Think of the body as a car engine. The engine needs lubrication to keep all parts of the engine working as efficiently as possible. The body is no different with one exception. In the human body, a steady flow of blood and hormones is the oil that keeps the body operating at optimal levels.

The circulatory system flows throughout the body through veins and arteries. Since the endocrine system piggybacks off the circulatory system, it uses veins and arteries for hormone distribution. Injuries, spine alignment issues, and soft tissue problems can block veins and arteries from delivering the goods that the body needs. If the circulatory system isn’t working properly, it will affect other body systems like:

  • Renal System
  • Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Muscular System
  • Skin and hair health
  • Reproductive System
  • Sensory organs: ear, eyes, nose, taste
  • Skeletal System

Yes, it will affect everything the body does. That’s why chiropractic care carries so much value in terms of maintaining overall health. That includes removing the obstacles that interfere with blood flow.

Consider this. Many professional athletes use regular visits to chiropractors to help keep their bodies functioning at optimal levels. They do this because they love the results. They love the results because body effectiveness and efficiency are what create their ability to make money from sports.

Regardless of what you might need as it relates to your physical or mental health, you should always keep in mind that chiropractors have more to offer beyond pain relief. It might only take one chiropractic treatment visit for you to also come to love regular visits to your local chiropractor.

If you would allow us to help you with our adjustment and massage techniques, we encourage you to contact our office.